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Between Concept And Identity

  Between Concept And Identity Religious Expressions of Chicanos in Los Angeles. From the body to the streets.  A paper by Arq. Myriam Mahiques     Edited by Esteban Fernández Cobián. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK. PP 163-169. 2014. ISBN (10) 1-44386520-6. ISBN (13):978-1-4433-65203 I’m happy to say that this paper ofRead More…

Miami Floating Stage (Video)

Miami Floating Stage

  The Concept The concept was inspired by oil rigs. The flotation platforms are equipped with separate motors synchronized to meet the triple function of displacement; the unfolding of the trays from the center and keep the momentum of the whole, concentrically positioned to generate centrifugal force. The structure is resolved into four levels: the flotation level, which stores the machinery of the lifting hydraulic pistons of the different trays and propulsion engines, located within the flotation platforms. The deck level, in which the dressing rooms, restrooms, general storage, image and sound room, press room, andRead More…


    Sustainable Ark PROJECT STATEMENT Inhospitable world that lies ahead, caused by the indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources, which leads us to a change in attitude towards the use of the land. Natural disasters we have been experiencing in recent years, tell us that we must not only stopRead More…

“Approaching to powerful and creative ideas as essential steps toward cultural expressions”.