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Myriam B. Mahiques is an architect, graduated from Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires (FADU) in 1986. She has collaborated in many Studios and Construction firms, developed projects and constructions as independent professional, also competitions and exhibitions in the area of Architecture and painting. In the Academy she has been chief of practical exercises at the chairs of architectural design Goldemberg and since 2002 to 2004 in Grinberg chair. She has been a researcher for the Institute EFUR (Function of Urban Evolution); researcher for FOINDI (FADU), unit “Technology for the Megalopolis” and “Technology in primitive man”. In 2001 she was assigned the fellowship NuevaTec, from the Ministry of Education and Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, to investigate the subject “ Urban Morphology and Fractal Design”. Currently she is a senior researcher in the same field and is Ad honorem researcher at the Laboratory of mathematics and design, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of Buenos Aires. She is Associated Editor of World Architecture.org and has many publications and presentations in national and international symposiums. Luis Makianich is an architect, graduated in the National University of Buenos Aires (FAU) in 1978 and he has studied “Design of the Image and the Sound” in the National University of Buenos Aires (FADU) in 2001.He acted as researcher of the urban patrimony, in ICOMOS (International Council for the Preservation of Historical Monuments and Sites) in 1976.  He acted as educational in the chair of history of architecture of the Arch. Jorge Gazaneo, in 1978, in architectural design in the chairs of Arch. Héctor Angeluchi in 1980 and of Arch. Jorge Goldemberg, 1987-2001.He carried out multiple architecture competitions and Arts, in which he obtained diverse prizes, and several publications and exhibitions, including the exhibition of the project for the New National Museum of Fine arts, in the Palacio Errázuriz, and later publication in the annual of The National Academy of Fine arts, in 1978. He obtained diverse Spanish literary prizes in 2009: 1er Prize in the ” 1st Competition for short tales “A vuelo de Pajaro” by LetrasKiltras for “Desolación”; 1st prize for short tales based on Iman Maleki’s paint, for “En el umbral”, in Parnassus; 1st prize in Art & Narrative August-September for “Infierno”in Parnassus; 3rd Prize of histories of virtual love, por “Virtualidad”, in “La Barca de Las Palabras y la Imagen”; 1st prize in the literary contest for “La Navidad Oculta” in Parnassus.
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